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Free Debit Machine
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20 November 2017
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Free Wireless Debit Machine Toronto Promo
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We have a limited offer of Free Wireless Debit Machine. The ISO that is marketing their merchant account Canada wants to add new customers. Once their quota is met this offer ends. Typically they release 3 or 4 new free machines per month.

Costs per month for the Free Wireless Debit Machine
1) The unit is free — but the wireless data is not — such as bell cell network = $15.00 per month
2) Bank Fee of $5.00 Per month
3) App Fee of $45 (one time)
4) You need to do a minimum of $25 of service per month

No Lease – No Purchase – No Rent

$0.05 For debit + Visa 1.69%

All our POS Terminals are manufactured by brand names like Verifone , Hypercom and Ingenico, industry leaders in providing reliable and efficient equipment for debit and credit card payment processing, and are made to last. Our Credit and Debit Card Terminals are small and affordable, with fast processing speeds and built-in thermal printers, allowing quick and easy customer transactions. Perfect for all types of Retail, Restaurant and Service industries. Choose from TableTop, Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless GPRS Mobile models

There is a flat banking fee per month of $5.00 and you must do a minimum of $25 of transactions per month. -No Hidden Fees- The rate for VISA starts at 1.69 and we charge .05 over the cost of VISA – MasterCard to process the transaction for non- qualified cards. If the card is running at 2.0% We would charge 2.5% or $2.50 Per $100.00 Debit is $0.05. The Wireless Debit Machine has an additional monthly fee of $15 (Cell Phone Data)

You need —- Void cheque with a name printed on the top
Photo Id ( such as a driver license)
Proof that the business exists

Accept VISA at your store! We can get you approved for a POS debit card machine

We are a sales agent
You will be dealing with the bank directly
Application can be e-mail. No on site visit required.
Unit sent via FEDEX

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