Socamel THER.5 THERMATRONIC Oven. Perfect for hospitals,schools,hospitals, banquets..

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8 April 2018
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 The oven in Great condition.
THERMATRONICRobust and adaptable,
Thermatronic ovens have been designed for quick, homogenous re-thermalization of meals in hospitals and schools.
Adaptability Simplified multi-programming offers long or short cycles that can be separated or linked. Rethermalization of all types of dishes served in plastic tubs or stainless steel containers. Simultaneous re-thermalization of normal and fragile preparations of different basis weights. Performance Thermatronic ovens are fitted with Thermo-convection technology. Their stainless steel monoblock design provides exceptional rigidity and solidity and aids cleaning. Compact, they have an easy-to-use control panel. Reliable, they successfully passed the stringent NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) tests. A manual to help select re-thermalization times depending on the kind of preparations are provided.