Small Claims Court

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Whether you’re the Plaintiff or the Defendant, you have the right to legal counsel and it doesn’t have to be a lawyer. Paralegals are able to help you with your case. We may assist you from start to finish of your matter, for specific steps or for document preparation only.

What is Small Claims Court in Ontario?
Small Claims Court in Ontario allow people to sue for money or damages up to $25,000.00. It can come about for many reasons including:
• Failure to pay for a good or service
• Loan repayment
• Unpaid rent from previous tenant
• Bounced cheques
• Property damage
• Personal injury
• Breach of contract
• And more…
There are time limitations to file a claim, call us today at 905-230-0568 to schedule a consultation about your claim.

Plaintiff Representation
If you have been a victim of any of the situations listed above or you feel like you can Lambe’s Legal Services to help you with the process from start to finish. Having a professional paralegal at your side will ensure you don’t miss any steps and that you have the best chance for full reimbursement.

Lambe’s Legal Services can help you with:
• Gathering and organizing the evidence
• Informing you on the legal limitations
• Preparation of the Plaintiff’s Claim
• Preparation of Defence and if necessary a Defendant’s Claim
• Presenting your case in court
Call us today at 1-888-985-1834 or Local at 905-230-0568 and get started on your claim today

Defendant Representation
If you have been served with a Small Courts Claim you have responsibilities. If you don’t respond to the claim in a timely matter the plaintiff could move forward with the case without your involvement. A professional paralegal will help you ensure that you are properly represented in court and that everything gets done in a timely manner.

Lambe’s Legal Services can help you with:
• Understanding the plaintiff’s claim
• Filing a defence before the deadline
• Serving a response to all necessary parties
• Representing you at a settlement conference
• Preparing and presenting a defence
• Filing a countersuit
Call Limbe’s Legal Services at 1-888-985-1834 and speak to one of our legal representatives to discuss your options.