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29 March 2019
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How do you protect your home and business?

What happens while you’re away?

Do you use video surveillance?

Does someone watch your surveillance feeds?

If you have people watching your surveillance feeds you know how much that costs. In Ontario a minimum wage workers costs about $30,000 per year if not more. Most security companies need to pay their workers more than minimum wage because security personnel are trained and licensed.

How do we lower costs while still protecting our homes and businesses?

SecureMyCamara can help!

We hire online workers from across the globe. These workers are comfortable earning lower wages simply because the cost of living in their country is so much lower. Utilizing the Global Economy and the World Wide Web, we are able to offer our workers competitive wages and still offer you a huge savings.

For less than 50% it would cost you to hire a minimum wage worker, you can have a live dedicated person watch your security feeds. And that’s not all, you will be able to communicate with these workers and have them report anything unusual to police, ambulance, fire departments, security companies and whoever you’d like.