Oakville, Hot stone massage 59$/Hr,Sauna,Aging Facial 56$,Waxing/Threading

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21 April 2018
( 345 days ago )

WOMEN’S ONLY SPA,Salon SPA near SHERIDAN COLLEGE,oakville,Gift card/certificate- Bridal & Daily Special,Facial,Threading,Full Body wax, waxing,massage,body scrub with steam,cream massage,Head massage with steam, Bleach,Face bleach,Body Wrap, Sauna,Vichy shower,
This upscale Spa offers different rooms for different treatments for the Women.
Facial Room, Waxing Room, Massage Room, Vichy Rain Shower, Infrared Sauna.
We are “Women Only Spa” always care about your Privacy.
FREE Wi Fi for your comfort.
The safety of our guests is utmost importance which is why we’ve sought out the best in safe hygiene practices so that you can truly relax during your treatment.
****Complimentary Vichy Rain Shower****
***Add Infrared Sauna with only 20$ *****
Only $319 Bridal Package(included Full body wax with Brazilian+Bridal glow facial+Full Body Scrub Massage with steam+Full Body Bleach+face Bleach+Body Wrap+Coating with mud mask+Vichy Rain Shower)
only $135 body treatment(1hr full body scrub with full body steam massage hf hr + body bleach (3 hour process)
only $ 215 full body wax+full body massage hf hr +facial+legs Facial+Back Facial
only $199 Full body wax with Brazilian + Full body massage hf hr+ facial Full body scrub with steam
Only $135 Full body wax with Brazilian + Full body scrub massage with steam
Only $ 150 Body Treatment with Body wrap( Full body Scrub massage with steam + Coating with Full body Mask + Body Wrap + Mini Facial
only $120 gold facial+full body scrub with steam+full body massage hf hr
Only $ 99 Full body scrub massage with steam + 1 hr Deep tissue massage
only$28 half legs + half arms + underarms
only $45 full legs + full arms with shoulder + underarms
only $60 Full legs + full arms with shoulder+Full brazilian +underarms
only $65 full body massage relaxation(hf hour) + deep cleaning facial
Only $65 Full Body massage deep tissue(hf hour)+deep cleaning facial
only $70 half Legs+Half Arms+Underarms + deep cleaning facial
only $80 full body massage relaxation(1 hour) + foot scrub+arms scrub massage
only $135 full body massage deep tissue(1 hour) + legs Facial + Hands Facial
Only $ 150 for 6 sessions of Full Brazilian wax
Only $ 750 – Post natal Massage 1 month package (15 hours/sessions included)
Infrared Sauna
1 X 15 minutes 20$
2 X 15 minutes 30$
3 X 30 minutes 40$

$ 25 mini facial
$ 45 deep cleaning facial,
$ 45 Fruit facial,
$ 49 gold facial,
$ 55 skin polishing facial with face bleach
$ 43 green organic facial
$ 55 diamond facial,
$ 55 skin lightening & Whitening Facial
$ 55 anti aging tan removing facial,
$ 55 anti acne, pimple treatment facial,
$ 55 anti pigmentation & sunburn facial
$ 55 spa facial
$ 45 full back facial – combine with facial 35$

Face & Neck Bleach 20$
Underarms bleach 15$
Bikini bleach 20$
Arms or Stomach or Back bleach 20$
Legs bleach 25 $
Full bo