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22 November 2017
( 480 days ago )

There are 2 categories of TV boxes on the market: Android boxes that can run Kodi and many other apps, and IPTV boxes which are specifically designed to give the best experience for live TV + on-demand movies.

We sell EXCELLENT QUALITY models of both categories. We program/configure the boxes and provide support services.

We do not sell cheap boxes because we know from long experience that most are clones with sub-standard electronic components that will quickly fail. There is also no need to buy very expensive boxes because reliable and good quality streaming is more dependent not just on your own fast internet connection, but more so on connecting to a fast streaming source that can support multiple users without buffering.

We go beyond the common configuration found on most boxes in order to tune the box to connect to faster streaming sources that have fewer users. This gives you a more reliable viewing experience and much higher chance of finding good sources for whatever you want to watch.

A note about “Fully Loaded” boxes: Be careful and skeptical when you see the words “fully loaded”. All it means is that the seller has packed the box with many applications to appear impressive. In fact, loading too many apps will reduce the available storage on these boxes and may interfere with the ability to update important apps. Most people, end up using only a few apps for ongoing entertainment. It is not how many apps that is important, rather, it is best to be selective and only install a few good apps.

LEGALITY: The term “Fully Loaded” has been abused by many sellers who install illegal 3rd party Addons in Kodi. While the boxes and Kodi are perfectly legal, many of the Addons available for Kodi are not! Make sure you buy a good box with the latest Kodi but only with legal addons. Once you have the box, you are free to install anything on it in your own home.

We only install applications that are known to be legally streaming their contents. In some cases such as with the Netflix app, you will still need to have your own paid Netflix account in order to stream their movies through the TV box.

Our boxes are sourced directly from the original manufacturers to avoid imitation boxes & clones. You thus get a fast, reliable & fully programmed box with warranty that will give you years of TV entertainment.

Why buy from us?
» Quality Quad-Core boxes from the original manufacturers!
» Expert knowledge to add help you use the box to your liking.
» Highly optimized configuration that minimizes video buffering.
» 60 day Support & service either onsite or by remote access.
» 60 days hardware warranty. (can be extended)
» Friendly & Professional service.

>>>>> Call us any time at 613-501-MBOX (613-501-6269)

We individually update and test each box before we sell it to make sure that the software on the box is the very latest version and that it can stream the content you like to see. All our boxes include the netwo