Hiring 4 Part-Time Diva Wrestlers

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13 October 2017
( 518 days ago )

No experience is necessary – as we pay for all acting & wrestling training sessions. The pay is $500 per hour. The number of hours per week is between 2-4. Your identity can remain confidential – as we do not record videos in front of an audience. Videos are never circulated online to protect your privacy, as the recorded discs are shipped directly to our customers.

Our website is currently under construction and will be ready within 2 weeks. We need to hire 4 people before October 30th. The pay is $500 per wrestling session. Each session last 2 hours. The number of hours per week is 4 total. This means you must be available twice per week. We are flexible with your schedule, so if you have another part time job or school, we can accommodate. We pay for all transportation, make up and costumes. The matches are filmed in London, ON – but we do pay for your VIA train transportation. You will return the same day that you film the matches. You will receive your pay before you even wrestle, to show our legitimacy. Must be willing to train with both men and women. Some moves that you will learn are pile drivers, suplex, bodyslam, hair pulling, camel clutch and boston crab.

Please submit selfies or pics, along with your contact information. Thank you and good luck!