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23 May 2019
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CANPH is a Canadian based company that offers English speaking Online Workers from around the globe.

Managed Service we offer!

SpecialMedia can help you, stay on top of all the changes and trends so you can focus on your business.

AssistPh connects you with Online Workers from across the Globe.
SecureMyCamera We offer security personnel that watch your camera feed and react according to your instructions.
We offer everything from part-time to 24/7 coverage.

SocialPh We have live friendly people who want to be your friend.

Our Online Workers are professional and trained.
Our Online Workers are less expensive than traditional workers.
Our Online Workers are customizable to suite any need.

Did you know in Ontario, Canada minimum wage is $14 per hour?
That means a full-time worker costs you more than $30,000 per year! offers a base package of $8,999 per year.
This is possible simply because we hire our Online Workers from English speaking countries where the cost of living is much less than in Canada or the United States.