STRESS at WORK? Hire an Online Workers!

Posted on
9 June 2019
( 14 hours ago )

What’s all the buzz with online workers?
Why do people want to work from home?
Why are businesses allowing people to work from home?
It’s simple, for the comfort of working from home; people are willing to get paid less for the same work.
A minimum wage worker in Ontario will cost you a minimum of $30,000 per year.
Why pay so much? Do you even want a minimum wage worker?
What about Human Resource issues?
What about vacation time and holidays?
What about other various leave time?
CanPh connects you with Online Workers from across the Globe.
CanPh screens Online Workers for English and office skills.
CanPh provides its Online Workers with competitive wages.
CanPh offers Managed Services that will suite your needs the AssistPh, SecureMyCamera, SocialPh and SpecialMedia. offers a base package of $8,999 per year. This is possible simply because we hire our Online Workers from English speaking countries where the cost of living is much than in Canada or the United States.